*Health and Beauty Tips* Do You Hate Exercise? Here is The Solution

People who are trying to lose weight will see that every weight loss plan consists of some sort of exercise regimen without exception. Natural weight loss The 21st century has bought instant gratification and people come to expect results and quick solutions for everything and exercise is no different. New machines that promise to exercise your body while you sit in front of the T.V are nothing more than a gimmick which will probably end up gathering dust under the bed of the person who bought it within a month.

Then, of course, there are the gym contracts which few ever complete past the first month. There is just no time is the excuse or you may be self-conscious about your body which is another prime reason people will not go back thinking that they are attracting the stares of every slim trim Joe in the gym.

Your Current condition can tell you that you need exercise

If you have children and arrive home tired and stressed out from work you have no doubt turned down many an offer to play with them, promising that next time or on the weekend you will definitely have a game of football or basketball with. Just not right now thanks. You really need the rest. People will be quite amazed to find that the energy is there and just after getting into the mood and the games with your children, you will be surprised to discover that you have more pent-up energy than you thought. Moderate exercise no matter what type it is enough to build up your fitness level and the result is a healthier lifestyle in the long term.

Types of activities you can consider as exercise.

The following are examples of everyday exercise that can be chalked up as being a good healthy activity that your body needs without being considered as exercise punishment. One thing must be pointed out here. Do not hurt yourself or punish yourself because this will put you off before you even get started. Take a break now and again and make these exercises an enjoyable pastime.

Walking is good exercise.

Brisk walking instead of taking the bus, instead of parking on top of the mall entrance each time, walking to the park with the dog, walking around the block, down to the local store. Walking is a natural human movement and Natural weight loss if you do it regularly enough the benefits are great for the entire body. Get to know your surroundings and the neighborhood. You can walk your dog or do it for someone else, or enjoy the company with your partner or children. Encourage your family to walk together daily and you will find yourself burning calories while also getting enough fresh air and sunlight that is also good for your body.

Gardening and housework

These work hand in hand and can be a great form of exercise if you do the chores yourself and regularly as well. Mowing your own lawn, digging the beds, carting away the leaves after you have raked them up are all great ways to burn calories. Cleaning house or maintenance on it can also turn out to be a good exercise as long as it is done regularly and with gusto. Giving your car a good wash is also a great way to burn those calories.


Swimming is another enjoyable form of exercise that people underestimate and popping off down to the local pool or borrowing the neighbors if you have not got one is a good idea and a social one as well. Even walking against the water from one end of the pool to the other can have you gasping for breath. Swimming is a great way to tone muscles without shocking the joints and you can have fun in the pool with all sorts of different water sports without being shy about your figure or appearance.

Taking the stairs Instead of The lifts

If you work in a high rise building then taking the stairs will have you super fit no matter how many floors you have to climb. It may be sensible starting with climbing one floor a day per week and increasing that to two floors and so on. Natural weight loss If you do not work in an office building get off the bus or train a block before your stop and walk the rest of the way at a brisk pace.

Get a Bicycle

People have forgotten how much fun it is to cycle. There are still dozens of parks where you can cycle and you will be quite surprised to see how fast this builds up your level of fitness. The other great alternative to this is an exercise bike that you can use at home. Try and cycle further distances and challenge yourself. 

If you like cycling you may also enjoy fun activities like badminton, volleyball or fun soccer. Only participate as long as you WANT to play them rather than being forced to when you don't. These are all great exercises that you can enjoy.

Regular activities and exercise as mentioned above will make you feel better mentally and physically whole also sharpening your appetite and helping you sleep better at night. By making these exercises part of your daily routine will surprise you at how to fit you become and you can lose pounds this way as well. Who needs a gym or an exercise program that is punishment when you have all these options as just a few examples of ways you can become fit?

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