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Eating a diet that is high in refined carbohydrates is what puts on the fat in the first place... but dieting makes you fatter! It's one of the leading causes of weight gain. In our frantic efforts to lose weight, we set ourselves up to come out even heavier than we started.

You know... I think the most important ingredient in losing weight is the decision to do something about it! And that's where we start to construct the trap that will potentially hold us captive for the rest of our lives.

It happens because we decide we need to look better for some upcoming event. Just before Christmas or a vacation is a favorite time for people to decide to diet. Natural Weight Loss And there's nothing wrong with this logic-we all want to look our best; especially in public. But here's where we start to go wrong. It all starts in our head. We put a time limit on our diet... I must lose this many pounds in the next 3 weeks. And there's a pretty good reason for this.

Dieting is difficult... right?

Not only do we put a time limit on the fast weight loss we go on a crash diet and we always have an endpoint in view. We will stop this pain in 3 weeks... we can last that long... we've done it before... we can get through it and look good for Christmas.

And then what?

As soon as you stop the diet all the weight you lost plus a bunch more comes right back on and we can blame it on the Christmas season. And a bit of it is due to pigging out over the holiday season. Most of us get into that... it feels good.

But the real enemy was the diet!

Your poor old body went mental from the shock! It panicked... said: "Oh no! Oh no! Not again! Famine Alert! Famine Alert! All engines slow ahead one-third! You see as you reduce your food intake to lose weight, your body gets the impression that food is scarce. It rings the alarm bell to the engine room and slows down your metabolism to conserve food for the long haul.

You say you want to lose weight, but what you really mean is that you want to lose fat. If you crash die,t almost 25 percent of your weight loss is most likely water, muscle and other lean tissue. Your body holds on to the fat in case this is an extended famine and it will need it for later. In fact, in these circumstances, it will go as far as breaking down muscle and losing water to hold on to its fat reserves.

So here you are. You've been on a diet for 3 weeks, you've lost some weight but the real outcome is that your body now has a higher percentage of fat than before.

But wait... it gets much worse than this!

If you lose weight quickly on a low-calorie crash diet and then go back to eating normally you're in even more trouble. Your body wants to build up extra fat stores, in case this type of famine occurs again; so a much higher percentage of the food you eat is laid down as fat.

Now... on top of all that (as if that wasn't enough) your engine room is still on slow ahead. Even though you've started eating again it will take some time for your body to believe the danger is over. Your body is still on famine alert. Your engines are barely running. Your metabolism has slowed down to conserve fuel... so now everything you eat is being dealt with at a much slower rate and even more, fat is stored.

And then when you start back eating again, you go right back to the foods that caused the problem in the first place... those highly processed and refined carbohydrates and other high glycemic foods like potatoes and sugar. So how on earth are we going to manage some permanent weight gain in this totally mixed-up world?

This is where I ride to the rescue...

You need to work with your body; not against it! You need to feed it food that will provide your body with the nourishment and energy it needs in such a way that you lose weight but never feel hungry.

The solution is so very simple. Natural Weight Loss A low glycemic diet that is rich, in fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables and some poly-unsaturated fats (but not too much fat) will not put your body on alert, will not spike your blood sugar and trigger the release of excessive insulin so will not create the carbohydrate cravings that you are used to having to deal with (usually by giving in and eating because the compulsion to eat is often overpowering).

The secret to success is to get off highly processed carbs completely and then over time re-introduced more carbs in their natural complex form. (Potatoes are bad, bad, bad... they're just waiting in ambush to bring you down).

There is nothing wrong with carbohydrates. Natural Weight Loss It's the carbohydrates that are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream that are the enemy. It's like lighting a fire with boxwood instead of slow-burning logs. You get the quick burst of heat from the boxwood but then the fire needs to be fed again.

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