Let's See How Makeup Trend is Gonna Change in 2019

It seems that every one fashion mongers have already found their good red lipstick, learned to contour like Kim Kardashian and may draw a cat eye while not even trying within the mirror. However, these skills won’t be helpful in 2019 as a result of there area unit different trends that area unit reaching to replace them this year and you’ll realize them during this article. These changes can even seem in party makeup.

Fairy Mines saw that rules makeup masters area unit reaching to set within the New Year and what women United Nations agency follow trends can have to be compelled to rethink in their look.

1. Makeup while not Makeup

The next amendment is in textures. within the New Year, dense makeup foundations are replaced with semi-transparent ones. The saying of 2019 is “An a lot of natural faces!” and it’s really exciting. Invisible makeup needs smart and healthy skin that is why skin care cosmetics (not ornamental ones) can get a lot of recognition. so as to form eyes a lot of communicative, makeup artists use a bit trick — they select a concealer three shades darker than the skin and apply it to eyelids rather than makeup.

2. No Lip Augmentation

The shape of lips can bear a true revolution in 2019. Makeup artists try to enforce the concept that there's nothing wrong with being natural and there's no have to be compelled to amendment your natural beauty with the assistance of cosmetics or an expert. That’s why the most focus within the forthcoming year is to prevent going on the far side the contour of your lips and victimization Ombre to induce one thing referred to as the “Angelina Jolie” result.

3. Blush Rather than Contouring

This is not the primary year that makeup artists try to reject contouring in existence and therefore the year 2019 is another arrange to deny this well-liked trend. The blush that takes up the full cheek goes to switch contouring, for now.

4. Matte Bright Shadows rather than ones with the Wet Result

The makeup of 2019 isn't reaching to be boring, despite all previous rules. does one keep in mind the rule recommending that you simply highlight either your lips or your eyes? within the year 2019, it'll be eyes. Bright matte eyeshadows on Associate in Nursing otherwise “natural” face area unit reaching to become a replacement trend.

5. Refined Radiance of the Skin

The year 2018 was conjointly a time for the excessive use of highlighters. women were making modern highlights on the face that might nearly be seen from the area. the most trend of the forthcoming year is promising to correct this case and place a “pure” face with a natural and healthy radiance.

6. Brown Lipstick can take Precedence

The brown lipstick that was well-liked within the 90s is creating a comeback and feat the wine, nude, and pink shades behind. rather like with red lipsticks, you’ll have to be compelled to hunt for the color that may match your face tone.

7. Casual Makeup rather than “Instagram” Makeup

You don’t have to be compelled to draw precise and rigid lines to spotlight face expression as a result of the result of “yesterday” makeup is currently in fashion. Yesterday makeup may be a very little imperfect and not super-precise. perhaps makeup artists need to convey a lot of free time and therefore the feeling of certainty to fashion mongers by implementing this rule.

8. Highlight the Lower Lash Line is Back Once More.

Many people keep in mind times once cosmetic markets solely had black, brown, and gray make-up. currently, the collections from varied cosmetic brands have all the colors of the rainbow, and a white or a beige eye pencil won't to water line the eyes are there in nearly every cosmetic bag. In 2019, a forgotten trend, the highlight of the lower lash line with a black or brown pencil goes to be back in fashion.

Bonus: Party Makeup — 2019

Party makeup can have one main rule — keeping the face natural. The lips are shimmering with the assistance of glitters, foil, metal lipsticks, and anything that may build the lips visible and shining. Of course, the convenience of this makeup is debatable, however, the planning is spectacular needless to say.

Which trends of the year 2019 area unit you reaching to adopt? Please tell the U.S.A. concerning it within the comments!

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