HivAids Facts, Introduction & Cure Women From HivAids

HIV and AIDS stay a persistent drawback visaged by the majority over the planet, particularly by us. In several countries, ladies are worst full of this sickness since the start of the worldwide HIV epidemic. Since March ten is National ladies and ladies HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, it's the right time to create individuals recognise the essential facts regarding HIV/AIDS.

Know about the Disease: 

HIV could be a human immunological disorder virus that attacks our system and destroys the T cells, a sort of white blood cells, completely. this can turn out to be AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome because of that the system is just too weak, therefore by creating individuals liable to infections and diseases. is that this sickness a curable one even if there's presently no permanent cure, with early designation and therefore the right treatments like antiviral, individuals with HIV will live long and healthy lives. 

If left untreated, this can result in death. however, is HIV transmitted This virus is found in cum, blood, rectal, duct fluids? Transmitted through sexual behaviours, sharing of needles and syringes, breastfeeding if the mother resides with HIV, and conjointly introduction. Why area unit ladies and ladies significantly at higher risk? in the main due to lack of access to health care services, gender difference, cultural, social and economic standing and violence visages by ladies and adolescent ladies within the society. 

Poorness is additionally one in all the explanations for trafficking and sexual exploitation of young ladies and adolescent ladies UN agency is also less educated and no data regarding the risks of HIV. 

Ways to safeguard ladies and Girls:

Firstly, find out about HIV/AIDS and share your data with family, friends and therefore the community;

 If you're about to have a baby, it's higher to urge associate HIV check done before maternity for each you and your partner. this can assist you to convey birth associate HIV-free and a healthy baby;

• Always use condoms throughout sex - best thanks to stopping HIV and different sexually transmitted infections;

 Before having sex, talk to your partner regarding HIV testing and obtain it done to avoid risk;

 Limit your variety of sexual partners;

 Never share instrumentation just like the syringe, needles. continually use clean, recent needles to inject;

 If you're associate HIV affected mother, don't feed your baby

Increase Awareness:

It is all a lot of necessary to make awareness regarding the impact of HIV/AIDS to stop and defend ladies and young ladies. There area unit some ways you'll try this.

 In this awareness day of March ten, organise associate awareness campaign in your community in coordination with the health care professionals to create the general public tuned in to HIV/AIDS, its impact, interference strategies and ways that to safeguard young ladies and ladies to avoid wasting their lives from this sickness.

 Distributing giveaway gifts, like made-to-order wristbands in your awareness campaign is that the best option to make awareness. individuals like to wear this fashion accent not solely due to its engaging colours and trendy nature, however conjointly the reach they need among individuals.

 In several regions, the ladies area unit denied education because of poorness and plenty of a lot of reasons. Educating them is that the other advantage to extend their earning ability associated to stop an early wedding that may cut back their vulnerability to HIV. Educated ladies have the data to access health care services for themselves and their family.

 Most of the ladies face gender violence like regulatory offence, trafficking, overwhelmed by partners and otherwise abused in their period. making awareness among them will stop and finish this gender violence once and for all.

 It is necessary to teach young boys and men to respect ladies and to create them involved in family activities to avoid negative attitudes like gender violence.